First Job? Employer wont offer more than minimum?

This I think is a common problem at least around my community. Not that the Employer wont pay a “living wage” but that the young person with no work experience. When a business owner looks at there application they think only two thing the first is “This person could turn out to be a great employee” and the second is “I’m going to have to train them in the soft skills.” In other words i’m saying that a 16 or 17 year old with no work experience is not worth more than the minimum an employer can pay. But don’t worry its not as bad as it looks. One must just change there mind set form that of “I’m worth more than the bear minimum” to “This is great they have given me the opportunity to learn the soft skills that are required to make me a more valuable employee in the near future.” The last thing I would like to add here is once those skills are obtained and perfected many doors are opened and remember it is OK to leave one employer for another if the compensation is better or the opportunity are a better fit for your goals in life.



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